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Guaranteed prize in a few simple steps


Have you ever topped up the balance on our exchange? If your answer is no, then it’s your time to shine and receive a reward for a smooth start!

The conditions are simple, as usual:

👉  Sign up on our exchange with the link;

👉  Verify your identity and receive 2 points;
👉  Top up your balance with an amount equivalent to 30 USDT and receive 3 points;
👉  Trade futures and reach a minimum trading volume that’s equivalent to 300 USDT and receive 5 points;

And expect the reward to be credited to your balance within 14 business days! Participants who fulfill all conditions will win 10 USDT total automatically (1 point = 1 USDT). Conditions of the Promotion here. Winners for the past 2 calendar weeks will be announced every 2 weeks on Thursdays.


May your crypto start be profitable!

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