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Guaranteed prize for first deposit

Have you ever deposited your balance?
No? Get a reward by signing up with our referral link. 


The conditions are simple, as usual:

👉 sign up on our exchange exchange with our referral link above;
👉 pass the identity verification;
👉 deposit your balance for the first time of at least $50 in cryptocurrency or $25 in state currency;

👉  hold your deposit on the exchange wallet for a minimum of a week;
👉 We will credit the reward to your balance within 7 business days


❗️ We will not give the rewards to those who:
📌 Haven’t passed the identity verification or have expired identity verification.

📌  Haven’t signed up with our referral link;
📌 Are citizens of Russia, Belarus, and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine
📌 Violated the terms of the exchange.
📌 Have already made deposits before.

Please note that our referral code is 5usdt_first_dep.


May your crypto start to be profitable!

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