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A mystery box is waiting!

Haven’t you signed up on WhiteBIT yet? Do it now & get rewarded! 

📌 Here is what to do:

• Click on the box;

• Sign up on the exchange by the unique referral link;

• Pass identity verification;

•  Make a deposit of at least $50 in crypto or state currency.

We will credit the reward to your balance within 7 business days.


And here are the boxes filling:

• 5 USDT;

• 1 WBT; 

• 0,0003 BTC; 

• An opportunity to open another box;

• 3 EUR; 

• Super prize*; 

• 10 USD in BTC; 


• 1 USDT;

• 2 USDT.


* Users who open the box with the super prize will become participants in the 200 EUR giveaway. It will be held once a month. We will give prizes to winners within the first five days of the month following the giveaway.


📌 We will not give the rewards to those who:


• Haven’t passed the identity verification or have expired identity verification.

• Violated the terms of the exchange.

• Are citizens of Russia, Belarus, and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

• Signed up on WhiteBIT before the activity started.

• Signed up without using the proposed referral link.

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