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Pick your ticket and join the draw of the 3000 USDT Prize Fund! You can win up to 500 USDT in various cryptocurrencies or even get your own unique NFT. Sounds great? Join now!

You can participate in the WhiteBIT Super Draw by following these steps:

  1. Register on the WhiteBIT exchange (or be already registered);

  2. Go through the identity verification process (KYC);

  3. Make your first cryptocurrency purchase on the WhiteBIT exchange and keep the funds on your Main balance until the end of this promotion;

  4. Have a wallet in the Polygon network.

Once you’ve met these conditions, you will have an opportunity to open one of the gift tickets. 

You can become one of 116 lucky winners that will be randomly selected to receive one of the prizes from the 3000 USDT Prize Fund in equivalent of different assets. If somehow you won't be one of 116 winners, you are guaranteed to get a unique NFT! It's a 100% win-win situation! 

What's hiding behind your ticket? Lots of prizes! They will be distributed as follows:

  • 50 USDT – 7 winners;

  • 500 USDT equivalent in WBT – 1 winner;

  • 155 USDT equivalent in ARB – 1 winner;

  • 100 USDT equivalent in SHIB – 4 winners;

  • 73 USDT equivalent in XRP – 4 winners;

  • 20 USDT equivalent in BTC – 10 winners;

  • 15 USDT equivalent in ETH – 29 winners;

  • 12 USDT equivalent in ADA – 34 winners;

  • 10 USDT equivalent in SOL – 26 winners.

Prizes will be awarded according to the exchange rate valid on August 7, 2023.

Find detailed participation conditions in our blog.

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